Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Where to find raw milk

Those of us who live in the Andover, Massachusetts area have to drive a fair piece to find good, raw milk (we do have a purveyor of raw goat milk right in town, address below). Or, you can join a raw milk buyers club, where there's generally a fee in addition to the cost of the milk.

Within reasonable driving distance for us in Andover:

Andover, Mass.: Herb Hill Micro-Dairy, 320 High Plain Rd., Andover, Mass. 978-475-7931, LucyMcKain@verizon.net Raw goat milk, seasonally. Call or email for availability.

Exeter, N.H.: The folks running Brookford Farm, of Rollinsford, N.H., sell their wonderful Jersey cow raw milk out of a store on their property, and they also bring their truck to 9 Newfields Rd., Exeter on Thursday afternoons between 2pm and 5:00pm to sell their milk, cream, quark, yogurt, eggs, meats and greens. During the farmer's market season, they sell at the excellent Exeter Farmers' Market, also in Exeter N.H.

West Newbury, Mass.: Artichoke Dairy, run by Bruce Colby, 51 Rogers St., West Newbury MA 01985; 978-499-8600; self serve raw milk (from a mostly Holstein herd, with a few Ayshires), also eggs. Bruce asks that people do not bother the lady who lives in the house at this address. She has nothing to do with the dairy, which Bruce rents. Self serve milk and eggs in the green barn, anytime between 9am and 8pm.

Temple, N.H. Connolly Bros. Dairy, Webster Highway, 603-924-5002. Jersey cows, self-serve sales system.

And raw milk buyers clubs:
www.justdairy.org seems to be no more.

Green Pastures Coop is based out of a home in Tewksbury. They get their milk from Robinson Dairy in Hardwick, Mass. To find out more, email debray@cfaith.com